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Гидравлическая дрель-шуруповерт

Hydraulic Jumbo Drill comes standard with a 1238ME rock drill, and can be equipped with an optional 1838ME rock drill, which enables higher rock drilling rates, shortens cycle operation time, extends the service life of drilling tools, improves production efficiency, and reduces rock drilling costs.

FMRIBT can also provide remote wireless remote control system products. In addition to meeting the basic remote control functions of the equipment, it has also been upgraded and improved based on years of practical experience in serving customers and combined with customer needs.

The video auxiliary system adds an on-site camera and video supervision and training. Operators can perform operations based on the images transmitted from the camera to the monitor, which effectively solves the problem of empty shovels caused by the inability to observe the status of the working surface on site.

The remote control system has various protection functions to protect the service life of key components of the equipment, such as start-up protection and flameout protection for the engine or motor, brake protection and interlock protection for the braking system.

Алюминиевая подающая балка

Made of lightweight aluminum alloy pressed feed beam, it has high bending and torsional strength and long service life.

The surface of the feed beam is covered with stainless steel, and polytetrafluoroethylene wear-resistant liners are used between moving parts to increase service life.

The feed beam can be flexibly expanded and retracted. When drilling, the feed beam is extended to make the contact surface deeper. When shortened, the feed beam becomes shorter and can be used for anchoring operations.

Control System

Hydraulic rock drilling control system has hole opening control, automatic rotation pressure control and propulsion, propulsion pressure automatic control of impact and anti-jamming functions.

Hydraulic components, hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic joints are all from well-known international or domestic brands, ensuring the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system from the quality of the components and the source of the hydraulic system.

Two gears for front and rear driving. When overloading and climbing a hill, the engine will not stall. It will automatically adapt to deceleration and increase output torque.


Sturdy Translational Drill Arm

The all-round parallel holding drill arm can be positioned directly, quickly and accurately, and has the function of keeping the advancement beam horizontal.

It adopts a heavy-duty drill arm design with a solid and reliable structure. The square cross-section design of the drill arm has a stronger load-bearing capacity than traditional drill arms.

Using spiral rotary cylinder, it can rotate axially 360°.

Walking Chassis

Sturdy articulated heavy-duty chassis, four-wheel drive.

The service brake adopts hydraulic control, wet brake, dual-circuit pedal brake and emergency parking brake.

The turning radius of the hinged structure in the middle of the frame is only 2.4/4.6 meters, and the ground clearance is 245mm, making the vehicle highly passable.