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Fujian Mineral Rock International Business trading Co., LTD (FMRIBT) is a company located in Quanzhou, Fujian, China, specializing in manufacturing Rock drilling spare and rock drilling tools , aluminum feed beam and rock drilling boomer machine. As a mining machinery manufacturer, FMRIBT has first-class factory equipment, a team of highly skilled engineers and distribution channels.

FMRIBT’s engineering team has deep industry knowledge and rich work experience, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions. The team of engineers works closely with customers to understand their needs and customize products according to customer requirements.

FMRIBT’s aluminum feed beam is made of high-quality aluminum material and has excellent durability and reliability. They are precision machined and tested to ensure normal operation in a variety of harsh working environments.

Production Process

The FMRIBT factory has a variety of efficient CNC machine tools, including milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and grinding machines, etc. These machine tools can accurately process parts of various complex shapes.In addition, the factory is equipped with advanced machining centers that can perform high-speed and high-precision processing.In terms of welding technology, the factory uses advanced welding equipment and technology to ensure welding quality and strength.In order to improve production efficiency, the factory also introduced automated production lines to achieve automation and efficiency in the production process.

9-axis machining centers for the precision machining of highly complex components.

CAD/CAM workstations

CNC precision grinding centers for ultra-precision finishing (at the micron level)

Superfinishing equipment

Laser marking

Seal kit assembling facility

Precision measurement equipment.

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We focus on mining machinery expertise and data to ensure the machinery has the required characteristics. Our engineers design true equivalent components for all models of hydraulic drifters taking into account original OEM specifications.

We don’t just assemble and provide parts, we provide customers with customized solutions through in-depth research and understanding of mechanical characteristics. This enables us to provide our customers with highly reliable and effective rock drilling accessories.

Each spare part is analyzed based on the following factors:

Functionality in the system, mechanical and stress resilience.

3D CAD modeling.

Raw materials.

Dimensional and geometrical characteristics.

Manufacturing processes and quality


Our manufacturing process focuses on product details and data accuracy. We use advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, including CNC machine tools, automated production lines, and precision measuring instruments, to ensure that each component meets strict specifications and quality standards.

Our engineers and technicians are professionally trained and possess extensive product knowledge to ensure product quality and performance.

We strictly control and monitor all subcontracted processes, working with experts of the highest level in the fields of heat treatment and finishing to ensure optimal results.

We cooperate with some well-known heat treatment manufacturers who have advanced heat treatment equipment and technology and can provide high-quality heat treatment services.

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FMRIBT has a complete global logistics network to ensure timely delivery of products to customers. We work with logistics partners around the world to provide fast and reliable logistics services.

FMRIBT can provide customized solutions according to the specific needs of customers. Our team will work with customers to understand their needs and provide the most suitable solution.

FMRIBT provides comprehensive solutions, including product supply, technical support and after-sales service. We will work with our customers to ensure they receive comprehensive support and satisfactory service throughout the entire process.