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Aluminum Feed Beam Production

The aluminum feed beam is made from aluminum alloy 7020, which is known for its good mechanical properties and light weight.

It undergoes heat treatment to achieve the T5 or T6 temper, which further enhances its strength and durability. The feed beam is manufactured according to GB/ASTM standards and has a mill-finished surface, ensuring a smooth and clean appearance.

The feed beam is commonly used in the rock drilling, rock rig, and mining industries. It provides support and guidance for drilling equipment and materials, allowing for precise and efficient operations. The aluminum construction makes the feed beam lightweight, making it easier to handle and maneuver in challenging mining environments.

Customized Aluminum Feed Beam

The aluminum feed beam can be machined according to the specific requirements of buyers. This flexibility allows for customization to meet the unique needs of different applications. The feed beam is packaged in a plywood case to ensure safe transportation and protection during delivery.

The surface of the aluminum feed beam is free from manufacturing defects such as nicks, dings, and scratches. This ensures a high-quality product that meets industry standards and customer expectations.

The length of the aluminum feed beam can be customized, with options ranging from 2,100mm to 7,100mm. This allows for flexibility in meeting specific project requirements and ensures compatibility with different equipment and applications.

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Our State-of-the-art Factory

Our state-of-the-art factory, experienced technicians and modern manufacturing equipment enable us to provide flawless customized services.

We deliver factory aluminum feed beams that operate in compliance with the original manufacturer’s technical specifications.

The aluminum feed beam provided by FMRIBT is more cost-effective than purchasing the original aluminum feed beam.

Let's Connect

FMRIBT’s experts are highly skilled and experienced to help customers manufacture or recommend rock drill aluminum feed beam for specific applications, and customers choose the perfect aluminum feed beam. We understand that every aluminum feed beam application is unique and each customer needs to consider different sizes and models when selecting a rock drill aluminum feed beam. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget and we will find the best solution for you.